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One of the number one questions we get asked by customers or fellow fabricators is, “Should we seal the soapstone?” No, sealing soapstone has many downfalls and it is not necessary because of the natural stone properties that soapstone possesses.

Sealing is meant for porous stones and since soapstone is non-porous and chemically inert, there is no need to seal it and add the extra chemicals to your countertops. There is no worry that lemon juice or wine will stain or etch your soapstone since it will not soak into the top of your stone. The beauty of soapstone is knowing that it will patina and darken over time, which sealing keeps the soapstone from doing.

The use of sealant on the surface will leave it all one color and create a shiny appearance. When scratched or chipped, it will expose the talc underneath, so your scratches will become much more noticeable. Leaving the natural, honed appearance and then oiling will cover up the look of scratching.  Oiling also manipulates the finished look of your countertops by enhancing the color and veining in your stone!

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