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Soapstone Countertops with White Cabinets

It’s simply black and white. Soapstone countertops provide that contrast homeowners are looking for with their white kitchen cabinets. Whether you have an old farmhouse look or a high-end luxury home, Soapstone is the perfect solution. Soapstone has been gaining recognition for the beauty and contrasts it offers. Soapstone and white cabinets have become a solution for homeowners everywhere.

Soapstones naturally beautiful dark look and silky feel add to its appeal.
Soapstones veins add a dramatic and beautiful look to kitchen countertops, sinks, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s.

When it comes to any soapstone countertops, no two slabs of soapstone are ever the same. The one that you have decorating your kitchen will never be duplicated in another home. Your countertop will become a personal treasure and will grow on you as it ages. You can select the slab you want to use for its color, veining and how it will age. You can choose the type of edge that will work best for your kitchen as well.

Soapstone requires very little maintenance. If you decide to oil your soapstone, it can be done as often as you like to achieve the richness you desire. Since soapstone is non-porous, it will not retain any bacteria in its surface, making it valuable for restaurants as well. It is a green and durable, low maintenance solution.

No matter what choice you make with a soapstone countertop
its natural beauty makes it blend in perfectly with older traditional homes and cottage style houses as well as in higher-end luxury homes.

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