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Uses of Soapstone through history.

People have been highly valued soapstone for thousands of years. Using it for bowls, cooking slabs, smoking pipes, ornaments, cooking pots, and hearth liners. During the Bronze age, Scandinavia discovered that soapstone was easy to carve into molds for casting metal such as knives and spearheads. They discovered and highly valued soapstone for its ability to absorb heat and release it slowly.

Versatile. Practical. Beautiful. Highly Valued.

Soapstone continues to be the stone material of choice for a variety of uses based on its beauty, ease of care, it’s antibacterial properties and its ability to absorb and slowly release heat. These properties make soapstone quite useful for practical and artistic uses as well as in architecture today and a true favorite for chefs, laboratories and home kitchens and baths.

Soapstone is a know as the staple of the American farmhouse for many of the reasons mentioned above. In the last decade or so, soapstone has grown in popularity as a kitchen countertop, particularly because of its aesthetic versatility. It is soft to the touch, subtle, and a powerfully understated design choice, soapstone is a wonderful addition to both the elegant rusticism of traditional home décor and the simple, clean lines of a modern or contemporary design.

Sierra Soapstone Your Soapstone Fabricator and Installer.

Sierra Soapstone has a wide assortment of Soapstone Slabs for you to choose from. From rich green tones to greys and deep black slabs with gorgeous quartz veins that make each counter, vanity, BBQ, or fireplace one of a kind. We take great pride in being the team of Northern California Soapstone fabricators, to install your job. You can be sure we will carry out every detail the way it should be.

Contact Sierra Soapstone to learn more about how to get started with your soapstone project. Here are some places we have installed: San Luis Obispo, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Truckee, Eureka, Nevada City, Sacramento, Downtown San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, and many other places with many ecstatic customers.

Located in San Francisco and Sacramento. Sacramento: (916) 409-4113 S.F. Bay Area: (510) 736-2580.

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