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Soapstone is a beautiful choice when deciding which countertop would look best in your home. But what should you expect once it’s installed? Soapstone is a natural stone taken directly from our earth, it is nonporous, chemically inert, and does not mind extreme heat or cold. This is what makes it such an amazing stone!

Soapstone comes out of the quarry as a light charcoal color.  We always recommend oiling your countertops, at least once, to bring out the beauty and veining in your stone. Oiling your stone over time will build up layers that will help blend any scratches and seams you may have. Soapstone is soft because of the high talc content. When soapstone is scratched you are taking off a layer of oil. Simply re-oil and it will fill the scratch and look dark again.

You can, however, choose to leave it the light, charcoal color once installed, and your counters will naturally patina to a dark charcoal in certain areas that are exposed to oils. The area around your stove will be darker than around your sink, for instance. You’ll have darker areas on edges that your family uses to rest their hands on while cooking or talking throughout their day. View some of our examples of colors of soapstone on our website.

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