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Soapstone Fabricators and Installers.

The Sierra Soapstone Marble and Granite business model is designed to give our customers the largest selection of Soapstone slabs in the Western United States. We work with our customers providing unlimited creativity of projects no matter the difficulty or material selection. Because of our extensive experience, as soapstone fabricators, fabricating all sorts of natural and engineered stones we are able to accommodate our customers’ needs when they have a project that requires the look of products beyond Soapstone. We also take great pride in being on the cutting edge of stone design technology. Combine our excellent tooling with our expertise in the trade and you get a team with the skills to take even the most complex of projects and turn it into a work of art.

Soapstone Fabricator and Installer Sacramento, Soapstone Fabricator Placer County

Because of our large inventory we often have customers from all over California looking to have us install our Soapstone. We want Soapstone lovers to have the opportunity to choose from many slabs. You can have your Soapstone countertops just the way you want them, no matter where you live.

We take great pride in being the team of Soapstone professionals, soapstone fabricators, to install your job. You can be sure we will carry out every detail the way it should be.

This is a different kind of stone, and all too often I see it installed incorrectly. Not giving our customers the experience they deserve. We also see slate often sold in place of Soapstone. This is unacceptable. For these reasons we travel far and wide to ensure our Soapstone lovers get the product they yearn for.

Soapstone Fabricators Locations & Projects.

Here are some places we have installed: San Luis Obispo, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Truckee, Eureka, Nevada City, Sacramento, Downtown San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, Tahoe and many other places with many ecstatic customers.

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Keeping it personal

We believe in keeping our Soapstone business personal to insure the very best service and the finest attention to detail. At Sierra Soapstone, providing exceptional customer service is not an idea, it’s an every day practice! Working primarily off of referrals it’s vital to go above and beyond with every single client. Members of the Sierra Soapstone team understand that they represent a company where pride of service trumps the bottom line every day of the year. We want you feeling great about referring our Soapstone products to your friends and family.

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